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We believe that deal-making is a skill and not an art.
We believe in long term business partners and assiociates. We do business with people first.
Our trust is not for sale it’s earned.

Transaction Manager , TreasureHousing
Advisory board , TreasureHousing
Advisory board , TreasureHousing

About us

We are real estate developers.
We are a diverse team consisting of expercienced developers and investors together with young and creative real estate minds.

It all started with a purpose.

Orlando, our transaction manager, had the desire to invest in real estate.
He knew from experience and studies that this business is based on network and trust. On its first deals he worked together with senior investors and developers to learn the skills on the deal-making.

In the course of the process. Orlando met Gerard and Omar, existing developers and investors, who were keen to share their knowledge
with the apprentice.

Our operations

TreasureHousing operates in the following fields:

Off Market Real Estate

(Re)development Real Estate

Real Estate Consultancy


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